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Alumni Testimonials



NOTE: Prior to our move to the Charles Brown site, CHARTER UNIVERSITY PREP was named "CHARTER SMITH FLAT

  • Robert Norton: "I attended Los Rios (FLC, ARC, and CRC) and then transferred to UC Davis as a junior in September of 2012. 
    Attending Smith Flat (previous name of CU Prep) was a very unique high school experience. I have always been a highly motivated self-learner and the college-like schedule offered at Smith Flat allowed me to excel at school while not feeling like I was 'wasting time' sitting in class. Aside from the scholastic benefits offered, the schedule allowed me to work a full-time job while in high school which I have continued to do all through college. The time management skills I gained during those years have proved invaluable. The staff at Smith Flat were always encouraging and truly wished the best for each and every student. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering it as I feel it has had a direct effect on where I am today."
  • Hannah Beausang: "I completed my general education and earned my associate's degree from Folsom Lake Community College before transferring to San Diego State University. I am currently a senior at SDSU and I am working towards a bachelor's degree in Journalism with a minor in Political Science. I am the news editor at SDSU's independent student-run newspaper, The Daily Aztec. In addition, I have a paid internship with NBC7 San Diego, working for SoundDiego, which hosts a weekly television show and music blog.

    Attending this High School helped me gain a foundation for my college years The staff, especially Mrs. Hartt, Mrs. Heskett and Mrs. Kobza helped to foster my education and instilled a drive to learn as much as possible. The rigorous curriculum prepared me to successfully take on college level courses. High School was a solid experience that groomed me for my career as a journalist today.
  • Monique Theaker: "My high school experiences helped me with college, especially when it came to time management. Because I was already used to that type of two day a week class schedule and learning a lot in a short period of time, it wasn't a problem in college. I'm currently attending California State University, Monterey Bay and majoring in Psychology with a minor in Social Work."
  • Katie Setty: "I am a freshman attending Southern Oregon University, Honors College and working towards a degree in Economics with an International focus. The way my high school classes were structured in a college format was beneficial. The small class sizes helped me learn more so I was better prepared for college."
  • Jessica Howard: "I am just finishing up my first year of college at UC Davis as a Mechanical Engineering major. Words can't express how much Smith Flat Charter (Charter University Prep) prepared me for college. The encouragement of critical thinking from the teachers, the personalized learning environment, and the eclectic atmosphere all helped me to prepare for the college experience. In addition to these, the time management skills that I gained from the unconventional scheduling really gave me a leg-up on most of my fellow freshman. I am so glad I chose to go to Smith Flat; had I not, I don't think I would be nearly as successful in college as I feel that I have been thus far. Thank you so much to the wonderful teachers and faculty that make this school possible!"
  • Kayla Bejsovec: "Currently I am studying at the Art Institute of California - Sacramento, and will be receiving my Bachelors of Science degree in Graphic Design in 2014. Within this field, you are a communication problem solver and must be creative both visually and contextually to create inspiring and effective advertising campaigns, branding applications, and publications. My time in high school gave me the opportunity to drastically improve my writing skills through the guidance and personal attention received mainly from teachers as well as peers. Through the fine arts classes offered, I was also introduced to various artistic mediums and techniques in using them which created part of the base of my artistic knowledge and passion. My high school experience has aided me in college and gave me a quality foundation to begin my journey in higher education. Thanks, Smith Flat!"
  • Cassidy Walker: "Charter University Prep helped me to be successful in college by teaching me how to manage my time effectively. Having class two days a week in high school gave me the opportunity to balance schoolwork, a part time job, and many extracurricular activities. This made the transition into college effortless as I was able to do the same with minimal difficulty."
  • Cody Williams "I received my Associate's degree in math and science from Folsom Lake College, switched major and completed lower division course work at American River College. I am a hopeful transfer to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I am studying Electrical Engineering applying for internships this year at PG&E, Intel, Nvidia, Aerojet and Tesla Motors. In high school, I was able to adjust to the schedule system of college that usually takes advantage of two or three days out of the week for each class as opposed to the same schedule every day. I was also able to reap the benefits of a small classroom setting, which heavily influenced which college(s) I wanted to attend."
  • Amanda Priest "My time at Smith Flat Charter was spent well exploring my varied interests while still satisfying the necessary courses for admittance into a 4-year university. At Smith Flat Charter I found many peers and instructors who shared my passion for learning, and have since inspired me to be the best 'me' I can be."
  • Morgan Jeffrey (Kirschenmann) " While marriage and family have come early in life for me and are my highest priorities, I will never stop pursuing knowledge and higher education. I am currently one year away from achieving my Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Saint Mary's College of California. While the degree is a personal goal of mine which I intend to meet, my hunger for these subjects and other aspects of higher learning will be a life long pursuit. I want to be better qualified to teach my children well, and I want my education to affect the way I live. It already has, drastically. My high school experience kept me focused on what I really wanted, since I wasn't distracted by as many politics as a student faces in a traditional public school environment (I experienced both). High school at Smith Flat also inspired me to pursue knowledge in my subsequent college years, not just good grades or a piece of paper. I attribute this to passionate instructors such as Kate Wells, David Combs, and Mike Harris."
  • Jesse Hartt "Charter University Prep completely reshaped my view of education. The teachers I had during the years I was there inspired me to also want to be a teacher. The college style classes and schedule made the transition from high school to a university very smooth and familiar. I would say that attending the school really helped me understand what abilities and goals I wanted, and am still working toward and accomplishing now. Currently, I am working as an elementary and middle school English teacher at the Japanese School of Guam."
  • Michaela Roach "The unique, two day a week schedule helped me to conquer college schedule, and work at the same time. I learned how to manage my time effectively therefore, I was well prepared for my college experience."