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Enrollment for 2019/20

Open Enrollment was held from January 14 through February 8, 2019.

New or Returning Students applying after the Open Enrollment period will be placed on a waiting list (if necessary) on a first-come, first-serve basis, after those who applied during open enrollment.

We are currently at capacity in all grades except for 7th and 9th. 

New Applicants Must Complete

To Help you decide which classes to take:  

Prepare for 7th gradePrepare for 8th gradePrepare for 9th grade
Prepare for 10th gradePrepare for 11th grade
Prepare for 12th grade

Academic Placement Notes:

  • CUPrep is designed for students who are desiring and able to complete a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and are working at their grade level or above. We do not offer remedial or "basic" level courses. Our high school electives are also academic college prep courses such as Chemistry, Art History, Calculus, Drama, and Foreign Languages. 
  • Our lowest Math level in seventh grade is pre-Algebra, with about half of our students ready to take Algebra 1 the following year (8th grade).
  • If your student has an active IEP, please indicate so on their enrollment form and let us know right away so that we can properly work together. 
  • Since attendance on campus is two days per week, students should have parental support at home on the other three days. Parents normally do not assist students on schoolwork, but their support is essential in helping students manage their time, especially in grades 7-9. 
  • We are not a home-school.  Our program is similar to a college where students must attend class and are responsible to complete all course requirements. Please look through our FAQ page on our website to get a feel of how the program operates. 
  • CCA vs CUPrep: Both programs work on the same type of schedule and format. The significant difference you will find is one of rigor and whether or not the student's goal is to attend a University.  Students whose goals are to go into careers which do not require a University degree, or who wish to attend a Community College first, will be well served at CCA. CCA students also have access to daily tutoring help as well as a supervising teacher with whom they will meet regularly.  Students bound for a University will typically earn A's and B's in rigorous classes and will take several more academic courses at CUPrep than at CCA. CUPrep students are able to successfully progress without supervising teacher meetings; these students turn in logs and other documents directly to their homeroom or the office.