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We are thrilled to now bring Taiko drumming to our students.    

Taiko is unique and fun. It can be learned and enjoyed by students of any age and ability level and students can quickly participate in learning a song.  As students continue with the art, complexity and higher levels of performance can be obtained.

Currently,  no one else in the county is teaching Taiko or has a Taiko team.  We envision exposing students to Taiko in the early elementary grades and give them an opportunity to join a class in grades 6-8. As the program builds, they can participate, compete and perform public demonstrations in our community and region.  The County Fair, public performances at various community events, regional competitions, and performances at other schools in our area will be venues for our students to highlight their skills, and opportunities to interact in their community.

Our Plan is to host two Taiko classes Spring Semester as well as put on several workshops for our K-8 homeschool students

Period 5 (1:05-2:00) Tu/Th:  This class is replacing the Martial Arts class as a Junior High elective, but High School students from CCA and CUPrep can join if they are free that period. We will also invite students from CHSA 6-8 students to participate

Period 6 (2:05-3:15) Tu/Th:  This class is open to Junior High and High School Students from both CCA and CUPrep.   We will also invite students from CHSA 6-8 students to participate.

Next fall, we will offer a full-year UC a-g Music course for Taiko as well. 

Check out this video of Drum Tao, one of the best Taiko Ensembles in the World