Excellence in Education for the 21st Century


Welcome to Charter University Prep school.  We are simply what our name states, a preparation program for students to be successful at the University level. Our format is set up like that of a University. Students attend classes twice weekly and take college preparatory classes.  We have been offering an outstanding educational option for students since 1999. Our students are excellent young people who have a desire to pursue their education in a supportive environment where teachers know them, peer pressure is positive, and the role of the parent does not take second chair in their lives.  Please take a look at our FAQ page to get a feel for what we do.

Mission Statement

Charter University Prep provides the highest quality instruction and curriculum in math, science, the humanities, foreign languages, and the arts. We focus on addressing complex ideas and critical thinking, which are necessary for success at the University level. We teach students to effectively use emerging technologies and learning systems, and we prepare students to manage their own time and resources so they will demonstrate success in professional settings and college. We systematically strengthen students’ abilities to be rational, independently minded citizens who communicate effectively and contribute meaningfully to their communities.