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Career Exploration

Each year, students work through college and career exploration projects as part of their school requirements. Students follow a series of exercises in D2L followed by small group meetings where they review and expand upon what they have learned.  

9th Grade- Freshman Project
  • Help students to prepare and enroll for classes 
  • Understanding and checking your current transcript for accuracy
  • Discussing future college and career plans 

Useful Links:

Big Future

Occupational Outlook Handbook

California Colleges. edu

10th Grade- Sophomore Project
  • Information about the PSAT process and how to study for it.
  • Take the practice PSAT test and self score
  • Review PSAT scores
  • Checking transcripts for accuracy?
  • Planning and enrolling in classes next Fall
  • Introducing R.O.P. and Community College options
  • Understanding strengths and Career options



11th Grade - Junior Project
  • SAT/ACT  information
  • In depth college, major, and career research
  • Checking transcripts for accuracy
  • Enrolling for classes at FLC and CUPrep for Senior year
12th Grade
  • College application information and workshop
  • Financial Aid information and workshop
  • Senior Project - an in-depth career research project completed as part of the Economics course