Excellence in Education for the 21st Century

Taking a Course

Step 1 - Select a Course

Things to consider when selecting a course

  • Course length: 4 week minimum
  • Weekly hours: 3 hours minimum
  • Content level: Beginning level college course, not advanced
  • Course content must be appropriate - see MOOC FAQ #24
  • Generally, 15 hours = 1 credit for college level work or 30 hours = 1 credit for high school level work

Step 2 - Complete Online Course Request Form and bring signed MOOC Student/Parent Contract to Registration Meeting.

Step 3 - A MOOC Advisor from our staff will contact you by email to set up a Registration Meeting to set up your course.

Step 4 - Work through the course.

Step 5 - Attend an Exit Interview with your MOOC Advisor. Your Advisor will report your credits and grade for your transcript.