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Summer Homework for Japanese 1 and Spanish 1

Japanese and Spanish courses are rigorous and will require work. With Japanese, you will need to learn the phonetic alphabets prior to starting the course.  With Spanish, you will need to build a basic vocabulary and pronunciation skillset in order to be able to participate in a class where 90% of all instruction is given in Spanish. 

You will greatly benefit from doing this work ahead of time and it will be critical to your success in the course. In order to be enrolled in the course in the fall, you will need to complete the assigned homework and pass an entrance test.  Please contact the office at cuprep@edcoe.org if you decide not to be enrolled in Japanese 1 or Spanish 1. 

Japanese 1 Summer Homework

Japanese Summer Contract and Instructions

Japanese Hiragana and Katakana for Beginners Booklet

Recommended ONLINE resource for learning Japanese. There is also an app for your phone - Duolingo

Spanish 1 Summer Homework : Here are the instructions, which go along with the below two worksheets and the linked videos

Vocabulary to learn

Conversations to learn 

I am attaching the summer links to a few you tube videos to help students with listening and pronunciation.

The videos are all very short 3 to 6 minutes.