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Open Enrollment for the Fall of 2020/21 ended Feb 7th.   We are confirming all returning students and will be calling all applicants in the next few days.  Click Here for more information

Welcome to Charter University Prep school.  Students attend classes twice weekly and are responsible for significant study outside of the classroom. Since our first year in 1999, our students have demonstrated exceptional success. Our students are motivated to learn, supported by their parents, and taught by expert teachers in classes with fewer than 20 students. Outside of class, students complete home assignments, take community college courses, participate in physical education activities, participate in internships, or work in the business world. 

At CUPrep, we guide students through an extensive process to help them prepare for and pursue higher education options. Students in their Junior and Senior years normally enroll in advanced level courses through Folsom Lake Community College. Most of our students have several college courses under their belts when they leave High School which allows them to be competitive in applying to Universities and get a significant jump start on their college education. 

We serve over 500 students in a relaxed and friendly environment at our Charles Brown Campus in El Dorado. 

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