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Welcome to Charter University Prep

Welcome to Charter University Prep school.  We are a preparation program for students to be successful at the university level upon graduation. Our format is set up like that of a University, using a hybrid learning model. Students attend classes in-person twice weekly and work on assignments independently online three days a week.  

Mission Statement

Charter University Prep provides the highest quality instruction and curriculum in math, science, the humanities, foreign languages, and the arts. We focus on addressing complex ideas and critical thinking, which are necessary for success at the University level. We teach students to effectively use emerging technologies and learning systems, and we prepare students to manage their own time and resources so they will demonstrate success in professional settings and college. We systematically strengthen students’ abilities to be rational, independently minded citizens who communicate effectively and contribute meaningfully to their communities.


7th Grade Online Pathway Now Enrolling!

Charter University Prep is excited to announce an all virtual pathway for 7th-grade students for the 2022-2023 school year beginning in August. 

“Charter University Prep sees a need in many students that is not being met.” said Principal Carrie Bisgard, “many students who do not have up-to-date immunization records or struggle with mental health conditions may not be able to attend courses on-campus, but still want a local, personalized school experience.”

Virtual classes allow students who cannot attend or would prefer not to attend courses on-site for any reason to still enjoy a classroom experience with qualified teachers, friendly peers, and individualized instruction. 

“Many online programs consist of pre-recorded videos and students working by themselves, but our online classes have teachers working live with students, allowing for each student to receive one-on-one help and curriculum tailored to their needs, in addition to opportunities for collaboration with their peers,” said Bisgard.

Virtual classes which meet via Zoom twice-weekly are paired with independent study assignments three days per week, mirroring the on-campus hybrid program the school is known for. 

The online pathway is currently available to 7th-grade students for the 2022-2023 school year, with the intention to expand to 8th grade the following school year. Charter University Prep is also exploring a high school pathway pending the success of this pilot program.

Families interested in learning more about the online middle school program are encouraged to contact Charter University Prep at (530) 622-8594

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