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Regional Occupation Program (R.O.P.)

In partnership with the El Dorado Union High School District, Charter Alternative Programs provides students the opportunity to take ROP classes at various high school campuses throughout the area as part of Career Technical Education (CTE). Many of these programs provide certifications in the various disciplines that can translate to a job right out of high school. 

Seniors are given consideration preference, and class schedules typically allow Charter students to take morning courses on campus, then go to the ROP site for afternoon instruction. Students can earn 10-30 credits a year, depending upon the course.

For a detailed list of ROP courses and credits available, click the link below for the ROP website. If you are interested in applying for a class, print and fill out the enrollment form and consult with your academic advisor. You will need signatures from both a parent/guardian and your academic advisor to apply. Enrollment forms are due at the ROP office by the end of February, and students accepted to the program are typically notified by April.

Link to ROP Website

ROP Master Schedule 22-23

ROP Course Description and General Application